Religious Places

Place Description
Namisharanya This Place was centre of religious and knowledge. there are 30 thousand  Religious places here.88000 Mendicants meditated here. People from all over India visit this holy places. Some important holy places at Namisharanya are as follows:-
Chakratirth This places is holiest in the Naimisharanya. It is said that Lord Brahma’s Device chakra fell this pious land and created a round “Kund” which is named as Chakra Tirth
Lalita Devi Temple This is very famous temple among religious devants.
Panch Prayag This pond is situated near the Lalita Devi temple
Vyas Gaddi It is situated near Chakratirth where Rishi divided vedas in four parts and also created Purans.
Soot Gaddi Soot and Shaunak had discourse at this place
Sri Hanuman Garhi and Panch Pandav Here large statue of  Lord Hanuman is situated.When in Tretayug Ahi Ravana took Shri Ram Lakshman ji to another world (Paataal), then, Shri Hanuman ji slaughtered Ahi Ravana. While bringing Shri Ram Lakshman ji on his shoulders, Makardhvaj changed their path, due to which Shri Hanuman ji appeared apparently in Naimisharanya. Here the Path of Sunderkand holds uncanny grandeur.
Mishrit This is the another religious place situated 10 KM away from Namisharanya. Maharishi Dadhichi  Asharam and Sitakund are holy pilgrimage of this place.
Sitapur ( Shyamnathan Temple) This Shiv Temple was built 300-400 years before and is situated in old Sitapur City.