Historical Places

There are many historical places/towns in the district Sitapur, some of them are as follows :-
Machrehta :-In Aainae Akbari this place has been referred as more than 400 years old. This was meditation  place of Machendar Nath, hence this name. There is an old Inn, Imambara and many temples and mosques, these are called ‘Haridwar Tirth’.

Mehmoodabad:-King Akbar’s commander Nawab Mehmood Khan established this town. His predecessors ruled this place till Zamindari abolition.

Aurangabad:-Earlier it was known as “Balpur Pasau” created by pasis. In 1670 A.D. Aurangzeb presented this place to Bahadurbeg who named it as Aurangabad.

Bara Gaon:-This is an ancient place. There are more mosque and pond which is called “Badesar”.

Biswan:-The great yogi of Baba Vishwanatha Nath sect, Bishwar had founded this city some 600 years ago, and hence the city was called Biswan. Biswan’s name is found by Lord Shiva, a very famous temple of Vishwanath temple. A fair of Gulzar Shah is held every year during the winter which is popular in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Stone Shivla is a temple which is located in the center of Lord Shiva and is completely made of stones.Another temple of Lord Shiva is the Dudhnath Temple, which is more than 200 years old and situated in the area of ​​Shankar Ganj. Within the Dudhnath temple, an “ancient well” is more than 200 years old. There are so many buildings, dargahs, mosques, etc. These are made by Sheikhbari in 1173 hijri. The mazar of Hazrat Gulzar Shah is famous for communal harmony, where annual Urs / Mela is organized every year.

Hargaon:-Famous King of Ayudhiya Harishchandra established this town. There is a pound named ‘Suraj Kund’ of hindus, A Mela is organized in the month of Kartik Poornima.

Khairabad:-It was a place of pilgrimage in the times of King Vikarmaditya. Some say that Khaira pasi established this town in 11th century. Babar took it in his reign from Bahadur Khan in 1527. It remained under Humayun till he was defeated by Shershah. There were 25 palaces during the reign of Emperor Akbar which are now placed in Khiri & Hardoi districts. It was a big trading centre also, where Kashmiri shawls,Jewels of Burmingham and Elephents of Assam were traded. It was the Commissionary of Awadh State at the time of Akbar and Lucknow was under the Khairabad. Imam bara and few other buildings are existing there. Dargah of Hazrat Makhdoom sb. is famous among devotees.

Laharpur:-In 1374 A.D. Firozshah Tuglak habilitated this place, after 30 years Pasis in the leadership of Lohari defeated him out and changed its name to Loharipur, which changed to ‘Laharpur’ in course of time. Raja Todar Mal the revenue minister and Navratna of Akbar’s Ministry was born here.