Integrated Covid Control Centre (ICCC) Sitapur

An Integrated COVID Command Control Centre has been operationalized 24×7 at the district headquarter.

The main functions of this Centre are –

  • Daily monitoring of home isolated and L2 facility to patient through phone calls.
  • Gathering their feedback and based on that informing the concerned for swift follow up action.
  • Linking symptomatic/ asymptomatic person to experts/concerned doctors in case any Tele-consultation is required.
  • Receiving and responding to distress/ grievance phone calls which includes admission of patients in the facility available in the district well as referral of serious patients to higher COVID Centers.

Helpline No.

  • 05862-240009
  • 05862-242400
  • 05862-264141

Medical counselling can be obtained by phone from the medical officers and senior consultants posted in the District Hospital and District Women’s Hospital. The details of which are as follows.

District Women’s Hospital

Name Designation Mobile No.
Dr. Suneeta Kashyap Senior Consultants 7572068852
Dr. Khurshed zehra zaidi Senior Consultants 7607785411
Dr. Chitra Sonkar Senior Consultants 8953694382
Dr. Reeta Verma Medical Officers 8765829271
Dr. Kamlesh Kumari Medical Officers 9415847465
Dr. Reetu Chaudhary Medical Officers 9919170299
Dr. Pratibha Awasthi Medical Officers 8115111151
Dr. Juberiya Hasnat Medical Officers 7668873785

District Hospital

Name Designation Mobile No.
Dr. Nand Naithani Pediatrician 8004942055
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Pediatrician 8004942048
Dr. Ashok Kumar Pediatrician 9412127194
Dr. Krishna Dutt Pandey Eye surgeon 8004942067
Dr. A.K. Gautam Eye surgeon 9415184805
Dr. P K Singh Eye surgeon 9415766485
Dr. Abhay Swaroop Eye surgeon 8318207508
Dr. Devi Lal Physician 8004942046
Dr. J. N. Singh Physician 9412881460
Dr. Anupam Mishra Physician 8853918623
Dr. Raja Ram Verma Physician 9453326949
Dr. Prem Prakash Rai Physician 9919696259
Dr. Surendra Singh Negi ENT Surgeon 9451051815
Dr. Yashwant Singh ENT Surgeon 9412546971
Dr. S.C. Labhyan The surgeon 8004942051
Dr. M. K. Prajapati Skin specialist 8004942056
Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh Skin specialist 9149266953
Dr. Indreshwar Verma Ortho surgeon 9792980888
Dr. Dinesh Kumar Ortho surgeon 9415437234
Dr. AK Tandon Ortho surgeon 9451136331
Dr. Pawan Kumar Verma Ortho surgeon 9453801983
Dr. Sunita Ambasht Dental surgeon 9935077870
Dr. M N Khan Ayush doctor 8756128886
Dr. Haridutt Arya Ayush doctor 9651512253
Dr. Sandeep Bhargava Ayush doctor 9415173650
Dr. Pranshu Aggarwal Mental doctor DMHP 8455553227
Dr. A.P. Mishra Doctor NCD Clinic 9452046636
Dr. Tripathi Pediatrician 7007247636
Dr. Mohammad Afaq Medical nrc 8130547252

Click here to view list of doctor for Tele-consultation.