Famous Personalities

Name Breif
Kavi Narottam Das The writer of  ‘Sudama Charitra’ and  contemporary of Tulsidas was born at village Badi in tehsil Sidholi of district Sitapur.
Acharya Narendra Dev He was a famous academic and nationalist. He translated ‘Ami Dharam Kosh’ and ‘Boudh Dharam Darshan’ in Hindi.
Maulana Fazle Haq Khairabadi He was famous freedom fighter, philosopher and intellectual. He belonged to Khairabad town of district Sitapur. He passed a ‘Fatwa of Jihad’ against British government in 1857. He was imprisoned to Cellular Jail in Andman and Nicobar and died there in 1861. Famous poet/ writer Jannisar Akhtar and Javed Akhtar are his off springs.
Muztar Wasim Khairabadi Known urdu poet from Khairabad was master (ustad) of famous urdu poet Firaq Gorakhpuri.
Riaz Khairabadi This famous writer and poet also belonged to Khairabad. He published many magazines and novels.
Jawala Parsad Warq He is among the creators of modern urdu literature.
Pt. Madhu Sudan Dixit Famous doctor of Ayurveda. The District Ayurveda Hospital is named after him.
Dr. Mahesh Parsad Mehre Founder of Sitapur Eye Hospital. This Eye hospital and its branches are serving the eye patients all over U.P.
Rajshri Purushottam Das Tandan He encouraged Pt. Kirishan Bihari Mishra to found the ‘Hindi Sabha’ in 1940.
Dr. Naval Bihari Mishra Has prominent place in scientific story writing.
Captain Manoj Pandey The Param Veer Chakra holder Captain Manoj Pandey was born in Ruda village near Kamlapur town. He sacrificed his life during Kargil War in 1999.
Dr. Ram Bux Singh ji He was born on August 13, 1925 in a middle-class family in Sitapur district of Uttar Pradesh, India. His educational achievements are notable as he completed Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Asia Engineering Institute, Delhi (India). In 1979, he received a post graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pacific Western University, California, USA. Additionally, he was awarded honorary degrees in Master of Applied Science and Doctor of Technological Philosophy from the same institution, an honor that recognized his sustained contributions to the field of non-conventional energy. More……….
Other well known personalities in the field of literature
Urdu poetry Dr. Safdar Husain Aah, Ram Swaroop “Jabt”, Suraj Narayan “Adab”, Jigar “Biswani” and Wasi Sitapuri, Mayal Khairabadi, Aarif Sitapuri, Padmshree Qazi Abdusattar, Iliyaas Sitapuri, Hasan Abid, Dr. Airaz Naqvi, Shakeb Rizvi, Ahmad Wasi, Afsar Biswani, Rasheed Kausar Farukhi, Samar Biswani, Dabir Sitapuri, Mast Hafeez Rahmani, Wafa Sitapuri,Saher Sitapuri
Hindi Poetry Sant Baba Raghunath Das “Ram Sanehi”, Dr. Ganesh Bux Singh, Pt. Nand Kishore Misra, Pt. Baldev Prasad Awasthi, Pt. Laxmi Narayan Sharma “Krapan”, Lala Hardayal Singh, Girja Dayal Srivastava, Girish, Balbhadra Prasad Dixit “Padhees”, Anoop Sharma, Pt. Bhagwan Deen “Deenji”, Hanumant Dayal Awasthi “Hanumant”, Uma Dutt Saraswat “Dutt”, Laxman Prasad Misra, Dr. Kunwar Chandra Pratap Singh and Ramji Das Kapoor, Acharya Chaturbhuj Sharma, Dr. Shyam Sundar Madhup, Dr. Shyam Kishore Misra, Ram Swaroop Awasthi “Roopji”, Madan Gopal “Mahendra”, Dr. Ganesh Dutt Saraswat, Dr. Arun Trivedi, Luv Kush Dixit, Sant Pandey, Shyam Kumar Awasthi “Mayank”