This place has special place in education from ancient period. In Valmiki Ramayna there is reference of a University in Naimisharanya where there used to be discourses on religion, philosophy and science. 88,000 Rishis and their disciples resided at Naimisharanya in the quest of knowledge. During Mughal period Laharpur and Khairabad were famous centres of Islamic knowledge, these places have been study centers of Persian, Arabic, and Sanskrit language since 16th  century AD. Khairabad was birthplace of many prominent Urdu poet and writers during 19th Century. Muztar Wasim and Riaz Khairabadi are famous among  them. Famous Poet Narottam Das was also resident of Sitapur. He was contemporary of Tulsidas, “Sudama charitra” was his renowned creation. Another prominent personality of this district was Raja Todarmal, who was Revenue Minister  and one of Nav-Ratnas of Emperor Akbar. Acharya Narendra Dev was also born at Sitapur. He was a renowned academic and nationalist. There are many Music and Dance Colleges.  Police Training College is an important centre for training of police personnel. There are many schools and colleges  for primary education. There are many Parks, a Swimming Pool and Sports Training Centre  for recreational and sports activities.