Geogrphical Natural Outline

District Sitapur is situated in the central part of Lucknow division, capital of U.P. It is 27.6° to 27.54° longitude in north of Lucknow & in between 80.18° & 81.24°  latitude in east of Lucknow. This district is spread about 89 km. area from north to south & about 112 km. area from east to west. River Gomti makes the boundary from west to south of Sitapur & Hardoi. In the east river Ghagra which separates district Bahraich from Sitapur. On the north side is district Kheri. Thus, this district  adjoins Barabanki, Baharaich, Kheri, Hardoi & Lucknow. Sitapur is divided into six tehsils- Sadar, Biswan, Mahmudabad, Sidhauli, Mishrikh & Leharpur.Main Rivers of this district are Gomti, Chowka, Ghagra & they have tributaries Sarain, Pirai, Gond, Godia, Kevani, Gadia, Ikharia etc.  Sitapur has mainly theses types of soils  Bhood, Domat, Matiyar. Its minimum temperature is 6°C & maximum 43.34°C. Northern part of the district receives more rain because it is situated near to hills. Climate of Sitapur is healthy. It is situated 100m-150m above sea level. Agriculture is the main & important occupation of the district. Wheat, Rice & Urd are the main crops & Sugarcane, mustard & Groundnuts are the cash crops.