Sitapur is famous for its historical and religious heritage. It was here that the Puranas (the prolific Hindu literature and folklore that is the biggest influence in Hinduism even till date) were written by Rishi Ved Vyas, the writer of the Indian epic, Mahabharata. People passionate about visiting places of religious significance must pay a visit to Sitapur. Significant religious tourist spots include Naimisharanya, Chakratirth, Lalita Devi Temple, Panch Prayag, Vyas Gaddi, Soot Gaddi, Sri Hanuman Garhi, Panch Pandav, Mishrit, Shyamnathan Temple, Cheeta Pasi Ka Tila, and Ilasiya Bal Vanodyan. According to the Hindu mythology, anyone willing to complete the ‘Panch Dham Yatra’ (journey of five main religious Hindu places) must visit Neemsar or Naimisharanya, an ancient religious site in Sitapur. Apart from these holy shrines, an exciting place to visit, especially for sports lovers would be the eponymous Karam court, the place where the legendary badminton player Karam Gopichand nurtured his talent for badminton.