Eye Hospital sitapur

Eye Hospital, Sitapur had a very humble beginning in a small town of Khairabad, 5 miles from Sitapur in the year 1926. Dr. Mahesh Prasad Mehray, founder of this hospital was Medical Officer incharge of District Board Dispensary at Khairabad. He was very much moved by the suffering of eye patients, as till then there was no suitable arrangement for treatment of eye patients. Gradually he started taking more and more interest in Eye work and started attracting eye patients from ali over Uttar Pradesh and surrounding provinces of India. Eye Hospital Khairabad became known all over India. The eye work expanded so much that temporary thatched huts had to be constructed in hundreds for accommodating eye patients. The eye patients started coming in large number. It became impossible to accommodate them in these temporary huts at a small town of Khairabad. The next best thing that could be done was to shift the hospital to District headquarter of Sitapur.